Dimmable 24 inch LED tracing and drawing pad

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The CP A3 LED light pad is ideal for various viewing, drawing and tracing fields of use; Photography, Tattoo design , Film and Slide Transferring, Animation, Architecture Design, Fashion design, X-ray viewing, and more.

The CP A3 light pad has adopted the latest Constant Current & Backlight Technology featuring no extra heat generation and high security performance. The light pad maintains a comfortable operating temperature of 90°F, which also effectively extends the lifespan of the LED.

Easily Adjustable Screen Brightness

Simply press and hold the Main Button to adjust the screen brightness then release the button to select the brightness you prefer (from Light to Dark); The CP A3 light pad will memorize the brightness setting of your last selection. Click the Main Button after turning the light pad on to set the screen brightness automatically to your last setting.

Triple Eye Protection Technology

Light transmission from the LED light pad is higher than normal glass surfaces by 20%. In conjunction with our applied eye protection film, the light is gentle and will not hurt your eyes over prolonged use. 

Portable Design

The LED Tracing Light Pad’s display area has the same dimensions as a standard A3 sized piece of paper, which is compatible for most commonly used applications and uses. The light Pad features ruler measurement markers along the sides of the display work area to aid you in certain tasks 

Tablet Width: 37cm
Model Number: XP-Pen CP A3
Interface Type: USB
Material: Acrylic
Tablet length: 48cm
Dimension(L x W x H): 48.5 x 37 x 0.7 cm
Active area: 16.92" x 12.59"
Scale size: A3 (43 x 32 cm)
Working surface: PC
Light source: LED
Working voltage: 12V
Electric current: 600mA
LED life cycle: 6500-7000K
Rated power: 12W