The latest UFO tattoo power supply with LCD Display

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Crazy UFO power supply unlike any other!


  • Input for two machines - plug them both in and toggle between the two without having to plug them in and out!
  • Advanced digital micro-processor controlled unit.
  • Choice of voltage increments: .1v, .2v, .5v
  • Precision regulated voltage output 0-18v
  • 2.3 amp Overload protection built in.
  • Liner and shader presets with 10 moemory settings - Remembers 5 shader settings and 5 liner settings - Just plug your machine in, choose your preset settings, and go!
  • Non volatile memory (holds time and presets even when power is removed)
  • Universal input 110-240vac 50/60hz (comes with US plug so plug adaptor is needed, but transformer is not required)
  • LCD Display with volts, speed, and follow through.


Input Volt:100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Input Volt Range:90—264Vac 50/60Hz
Input Current:0.5Amax
Output Volt Range: 0-18Vdc ±2%(can be set as need within the range
Output Current: 1.5A -2A(max)
Case Material: Aluminum
Size: L10cm*W7.0cm*H2.5cm
Net Weight: 1150g
(1) Please use the machine within the voltage range, if it does not work, please check the input and output powerline