EZ Assorted New Revolution Tattoo Cartridge Needles - 100pcs ( size 03RL, 07RL, 05RS, 09CM, 09M1 )

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Assorted EZ Revolution Needle Kit
100 PCS( 20PCS/Box, each size):

Light clear colors tip body for better visibility
Low profile housing with better ink flow
Curved tip at the end for easier cornering


Kit includes 20 pcs of each: 


RC1203RL(5.5mm Long Taper, diameter 0.35mm)

RC1007RL  (5.5mm Long Taper, diameter 0.30mm)

RC1205RS-1(5.5 mm Long Taper,   diameter 0.35mm)

RC1209M1C-1(5.5mm Long Taper, diameter 0.35mm)
RC1209M1-1(5.5mm Long Taper diameter 0.35mm)